buddhaThe practice of Shine (Sanskrit Shamatha) is the supreme method to achieve true peace and happiness. The quality of our human life not only depends on external development or material progress but also on the inner development of peace and happiness.

For that Shine is the foundation. "Shi" means peace or peaceful, "ne" means abiding. If we practice Shine gradually with diligence and patience our distracting thoughts will eventually subside and we will experience a sense of inner peace and relaxation which in turn will enable us to gain penetrative insight (Lhagtong, Sanskrit Vipashyana). This will benefit ourselves and others.

Lama Ngawang Tsultrim will give explanations and guide the practice.

Begin:  Thursday,  May 10 (Ascension Day/Himmelfahrt)  at 14:30 CEST
End:  Sunday,  May 13    at noon (no lunch included) 
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